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How Much Does it Costs to RePaint a Bumper in Canada?

Posted by Hunt Parts on

Have you ever had a nick or a dent on your car bumper? Will the color match the color of my car? How much would it cost for a repaint? We've all been in such situations because bumper dents are so common considering every city's traffic and congestion!

Car Dent

When it comes to getting a bumper fixed, you would first want to get a good quality one, and the next major concern is that it should match exactly with the color of your car, right?

Not to worry, we've done a bit of research for you and made it simpler for you to understand what bumper painting is, when it should be repainted, whether you can paint it by yourself, and other questions you may have your mind.

When should your bumper be repainted?

You repaint or replace your bumper when you find dents or nicks on it most of the time. Every car owner loves their car, and they cannot tolerate it even if there's a minor scratch on the car's body. They would want to get that fixed at the earliest and make their car look as good as new. Every car lover can relate to this!

Bumper Spray Painting

If you are replacing one, it doesn't come painted, and you'll have to get it painted as per your car's color.

Some might think that it is ok to ignore minor scratches, but it can lead to further damage over time. Therefore, it is advisable to get it repainted at the earliest.

How much does it cost to repaint a bumper?

We'll answer that for you. Keep reading!

The DIY cost would be around $40 for materials. This would mean you are paying $6-$7 per square foot. This includes a pint of paint and a clear coat after the paint.

If you decide to go to a professional, the average cost would be around $200-$300. If you are looking for a premium quality one, you can expect it to be somewhere around $35 per square foot.

Let us now walk you through the steps of bumper painting.

Steps involved in bumper painting:

You might think it is just painting one layer of the paint that matches your car's color, but there's more to it.

  1. Dis-attach the bumper from your car
  2. If there are any stickers on them, get rid of them.
  3. Wash the bumper with a degreaser and soap.
  4. Sand down the paint to help create a polished finish.
  5. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface.
  6. Now, pain the base coat.
  7. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 three times, i.e., 3 coats.
  8. Add 2 layers of clear coat.

Now you have to let it dry for at least 8 hours and the attach the bumper.

Now that you have enough knowledge about bumper painting, you can go ahead and DIY or get it done by a professional.

Estimated Cost of Labor For A Bumper?

This, again, depends on the type of vehicle you own and the level of difficulty in detaching the bumper. If it is easy to remove, it will take less labor, around 2 hours. If you own a luxury vehicle, then it would take around 4 to 5 hours of labor.

Now that you have an idea about bumper painting and its cost, let us give you a few tips on how you can save money! 

  • You need not detach the bumper always. Yes, you read that right. You can paint your bumper without removing the sensors if you have an economy car.
  • The easiest way to paint is, is to use spray paint  because you need not pull out the air compressor and paint with ease.
  • Hiring a professional is surely going to be expensive. What you can do instead is paint it yourself. This is going to be worth it, especially if you own a car whose resale value is not much in the market.

We hope that this blog has given you enough knowledge about bumper painting and you'll be able to make the best choice for your car.

Have further questions? Have a look at these FAQs!

  1. Can the bumper be painted without detaching?

     Yes, you can do that provided you are careful about not accidentally spraying the paint on other parts of your car.
  1. How much paint is needed?

   It is safe to have 32 ounces just to make sure you don't run out of it midway. If     that happens, you might have to start all over again.
  1. How much does an economic paint would cost?

  It would range between $250-$300. Yes, you can go for lower-end ones. The     downside is that it may wear off sooner compared to premium-quality ones.

 We hope this blog has helped you gain some knowledge and make a wise   choice while going for bumper painting. 


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