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If you are a car owner, you know how careful you are to keep your car safe and free from even small scratches. You would do anything in your control to avoid any accidents or dents. But, when you are out there in traffic, some incidents like scratches and dents are inevitable because you cannot control the things around you.

Car Frontside Dent

Since you are here, it does look like you need some guidance and a bit of knowledge on how to get rid of dents on your car.

Let us help you with that.


This totally depends on where the dent is, the severity of the damage and the type of car. If the dent is small, then it would cost you around $100-$125.

Now, what about dents that are much more evident?

They cost more. This is obviously directly proportional.

As mentioned above, the cost depends on a few factors; let us see what they are.


If the dents are large, the cost of fixing them would be higher. Why is that? Because you will not be able to opt for paintless dent removal (PDR)repair, a method where they reshape the dented part by reforming the metal.

Large size car dent

This is a low cost alternative as it does not involve sanding or drying. As said before, this is only for small dents. For larger ones, the area has to be sanded and painted. It would cost you around $2000.

Sometimes, there might be a case where the damage is severe, and painting or PDR is not an option. Then the best option would be to replace the entire panel and, of course, paint. Your options might range from $300-$1000, depending on the quality you go for.


If the dents are on the same panel, it will not cost you much because only one panel will have to be replaced. But, imagine a scenario where more than one panel has dents; they all might have to be replaced, or the PDR method can be used depending on the severity of the damage. But replacing more than one panel definitely costs you more.

Car Door Dent with Scratches


Sure, you can DIY some things. Sometimes it saves you a lot, but you will have to seek a professional when the damage is severe.

We tend to feel going for a cheaper one would be the best, but in the long run, the problems are likely to show up sometime soon and again, you will have to spend on it. The better option would be to get it done by an experienced professional. This again depends if the car is old or new. If the car is old and you know that there's no resale value, there's no point in investing a lot in it. In this case, you can avoid a top-tier shop.

Front Fender Car Dent Inspection

If your car is brand new, you have to go to a top-tier shop and get quality work done.

Now that you know the factors that affect the cost of dent repair, let us look at why PDR is better than the traditional method and why you should go for it.


  • COST EFFECTIVE: This method is faster because of the reason that you do not have to paint. No replacement of any part, which saves you a lot of labour, therefore, is less expensive.
  • SAVES YOU TIME: Unlike the traditional method, this method will not take you more than a day. Just a few hours, to be a little precise.
  • THERE IS NO RISK OF POOR BLENDING: Since there is no painting work at all, one need not worry about the paint colour matching the car colour.

So, how much does PDR costs?

On average, it might cost you around $100-$500.

Say, if you choose to go for PDR, you would definitely want to have some knowledge of how it is done. 

To give you more clarity, we have done some research for you.


  • ASSESS THE SEVERITY OF THE DAMAGE: The technician checks for the number of dents, the severity, where the dent is, and so on. Once they assess, they will be able to tell you which method you should go for.
  • ACCESS THE DENTS: Sometimes, the dents may be hard to reach. But the technicians will have the right tools and types of equipment, which will give them access to get to the smallest of the dents.
  • REPAIR: PDR usually takes less time compared to the traditional method. But this, again, depends on the severity of the damage. If the dents are minor, it requires less physical power, and it will be done in a few hours.

Now that you have enough information about dent repairs, you can go ahead and get it repaired without any doubt about which type of repair is the best for your car.

Hope this blog helped you!



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