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Who doesn’t love a new car to stay new for as long as possible? Especially after making such a huge investment.

You would try your best to keep your car new but sometimes things can happen as the car starts aging. This is an inevitable situation. That doesn’t mean you should change your car and with car prices that are high all the time it is practically impossible to switch cars once it starts getting old.

The smart thing to do is to maintain your car just by following a few tips and your car will be as good as new for the longest time.

Sounds like a plan, right?

We know you are curious to know those tips. We are giving it out right away. Gear up to read!

1- Go through your owner's manual as soon as you buy your car:

Most of us do not do this unless there’s some problem that we cannot figure out by ourselves otherwise it just sits in the glove compartment or even in your house along with other car documents. We all do this!
And that’s ok.

Car Manual Inspection

What we should be doing now is just go through the manual once so we are aware of when we should schedule the maintenance.

2- Keep a watch on your car fluids:

Be it engine oil, transmission oil, or coolants, make sure to check these regularly so your car keeps running smoothly.

Car Fluid
If you find any signs from your car that any fluids might be running out, get it refilled immediately. If you are not sure when to replace these, checkout your manual or ask your car mechanic and replace them at regular intervals.

3- Pay attention to the way you drive:

It is always best to drive smoothly and abstain from rash driving. This is good for both you and your car and also your fellow drivers. When you make sure your driving is always smooth and follow the rules, even when there's an accident, you will not have to worry much about the damage to your car.

4- Protect your car from the sun:

Yes, as we humans protect ourselves from the scorching heat, it is important to protect your car as well to protect your car paint and any other damages to the interiors due to the heat.

Car Protection From Sun
Try your best to park it in a place that is shaded. This might seem like a tip that you can ignore, but it isn’t. It goes a long way if you try and follow this.

5- Take care of the exteriors of your car as well:

If you don’t take care of the exteriors of the car from dust that starts getting accumulated, it might eventually lead to damage to the paint and dulls the look of the car.

It is recommended that you wash your car regularly and wax it at least three to four times a year which will help protect the structural integrity of the car.

6- Keep a watch on your check engine light:

Most people often tend to ignore the check engine lights for a long time and think it is fine and a check with the mechanic is not required.
But ignoring the check engine light will only lead to more damage and the expense paid later will definitely lead to the regret of not getting the checked initially.

Check Engine Light

Therefore, the moment you see the check engine light illuminate and start hearing noises from the engine, take it to the mechanic at the earliest.

7- Use good quality fuel:

Make sure that your gas stations are changing the pump filters often because if they don’t, it can lead to debris entering your fuel tank. This dirties your fuel tank resulting in your vehicle not running smooth. Always make sure you visit the gas station that changes these filters which helps your car run better.

These are a few simple but smart tips to follow which improve the longevity of your car. Follow them consistently and you will see your car performing better for a long time. Sometimes you might need replacement, which one must not ignore. Replace with good-quality spare parts. Huntparts guarantees to deliver you the right products and top-class quality right to your doorstep.

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