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How much does it cost to paint the front bumper in a Corolla Car?

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There might be severe reasons you need to paint the front bumper. If you’re a beginner and trying to replace your old bumper, you need a perfect match for your car’s paint because new bumpers don’t come with any paint colors.

Also, if your front bumper has a dent or crack, you might need to repaint your bumper after a repair. Else, the paint color isn’t going to match, and there will be a further risk of cracking or chipping the paint.

Even if a bumper has some scratches, it becomes necessary to repaint your car bumper. Sometimes small chips and scratches can lead to further damage in no time. If you have a metal bumper, it can become rusty, and in case you have a plastic bumper, you’ll continue to lose the paint until you imbibe the sincerity to handle it.

Steps to Repaint a Bumper

A Painted auto part of your corolla car can give it a completely new look. But the job of Corolla bumper paint isn’t that easy. You need to coat it 3x to get the perfect shade of color. 

There are a few steps involved in the process that can be easily repeated to get a well-defined color

  1. First, remove the bumper.
  2. An important step, remove stickers from your bumper
  3. Wash with a degreaser and soap
  4. Use wet sand on rough areas of the bumper
  5. Wipeout all dirt with a microfiber cloth 
  6. Now it's time to - paint the base coat
  7. Again, wet-sand imperfections and wipe-down with a microfiber cloth
  8. Repeat – you need at least 3x coats
  9. Dry out thoroughly for at least six hours before reattaching the bumper

How much paint is needed to paint a bumper?

This is an expert-level question. When painting your front bumper, get at least 32 ounces of paint. That amount might be over for a part of the vehicle, but if you run out of color in the middle of the job, at least you’ll have enough paint to start over again completely.

In repainting, you need a ton of paint, as if you have to put at least 3x coats of paints. In some cases, few colors require up to 4x or even a 5x coat – and having 32 ounces of paint gives you enough to complete all the coats without running out of paint.

What’s an average Bumper Repaint Cost

Whether you want to paint the bumper after its repair or plan to sell the car, if your front bumper is in rough shape, it may be worth it to repaint the bumper as you’ll recover that cost at the price you are about to sell. On average repaint, your front bumper may cost around $500. That might or might not include washing and reinstalling your car’s bumper.

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