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Your car needs a regular check-up to increase its longevity and performance. A car is an investment for your comfort and utility. If you give your car the care it deserves, you are sure to get more from it. So, giving it attention to detail yields the most of it. 

Car parts get damaged sometime or the other. Some parts are more vulnerable than others. Therefore, car parts inspection ensures their smooth operation. There is no particular time to check these but make sure to inspect at regular time intervals.

Now, your next question will be what are those parts?


Goes without saying but this is one of the most vital automotive parts. This one needs to be checked with the utmost attention.

car brakes

In order to know what to inspect here, one must know the brake system. You don’t need to have the exact knowledge of the mechanism but you need to know where the brake pedal, brake pads, and discs are.

You might now be wondering where the brake discs are. They are the large silver parts on the inside of the wheels. With the usage of the car, due to the friction, it gets worn out with time. Also, the brake pads’ thickness is what needs to be inspected while you are at it.

When to change the brake system?

  • Squeaking sounds from brakes
  • Grinding sounds when braking
  • Vibration when braking
  • Taking longer to stop
  • The brake pad indicator light is on.

Ideally, it should be replaced after approximately 80000km. But, sometimes they may need to be replaced after 40000km. This depends on how you drive the terrain you drive in, and the material of your brake system 

Please note that one must never wait till the brake system makes odd noises to give an indication. It is always good to get it checked periodically. Never go for used car parts.


Tires seem like they are less important compared to other parts like brakes and are usually ignored. A tyre needs to be changed every 5 to 6 years but along with tread, it needs to be inspected regularly to assess if it needs replacement.

Car Tires

When to change?

  • Tread depth examination
  • Wheel misalignment and disbalance
  • When you notice there is no good tyre grip
  • Frequent puncture

Tyre molecules contract in places that experience heavy snow, like, places in Canada, these car parts in Canada need to be checked and maintained accordingly.

Every car tyre has its own air pressure. Ask your car dealer/manufacturer for this. Since the air pressure changes with the temperature you need to keep checking often using a pressure gauge.


Your manual tells you when you should replace your air filter. For example, Chevrolet recommends changing the filter every 19000-24000 kms. If you are consistently driving through a dusty environment or on unpaved roads, you may need to change it more often than recommended.

  Air Filter

When it is time to change, you will notice:

  • The AC unit is getting hot.
  • The air is not cool enough.
  • More dust near air vents

If you don’t replace it on time, the engine’s ability to run smoothly decreases. Air filters are affordable. Never go for used car parts.


The main function is, it reduces friction and wear-and-tear on moving parts. It also cleans the engine from sludge. Basically, it helps smoothen your car’s performance and ensures longer engine life.

As we use the car, the oil either leaks or is used up. Hence, it is recommended to check the reservoir below the bonnet.

Note: do this only when the vehicle is parked on flat ground and when the engine is cooled.

Engine Oil

One must change engine oil every 5000-6000kms. However, this depends on other factors such as vehicle age, driving conditions, and the type of oil you use. Some cars also have engine oil indicators and will warn you with a signal on your dashboard.

When you get the oil changed by a professional, they will put a sticker with the date of an oil change so you will know when to change it next.


It is one of the essential automotive parts that need to be changed often. Power steering fluids ensure the hoses, valves, and power steering pump work correctly. If you fail to change it on time, then your steering pump will start deteriorating. Make sure to replace it every 5000 km.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid reservoir can be found under the hood. It is a white or yellow container with a black cap. You can find it easily because it has the words mentioned on them.


These refer to the gearbox that uses a gear to speed up your vehicle. It is used to lubricate the components of a car for optimal performance.

  • If your car is automatic then you use Automatic Transmission Fluid.
  • If your car is manual then you use Manual Transmissions.

Transmission Fluids

The primary functions remain the same, to lubricate various parts of the transmission. You must change transmission fluid every 15000-20000km depending on your driving style.


Suspension is the system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels. The suspension system must support road handling and ride quality. It maximizes the overall performance of the vehicle and absorbs bumps in the road.

Suspension System

When to change?

  • Bumpy ride
  • Unnerving turns
  • Nose-driving
  • Leaky suspension

When it comes to shock-absorbers, it is always suggested to do it in pairs rather than replacing just the damaged part. This optimizes the performance of your car.

This is one of the most neglected parts when it comes to replacing because of lack of awareness.

Hope this blog has given you the awareness you need about the most crucial parts of a car. Someone you know might need this information. Share it!


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