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How do you repair a dent in a Toyota Plastic Bumper?

Posted by Hunt Parts on

Bumpers are one of the most practical parts of a vehicle. These are designed to absorb any impact and protect the car from significant damage caused due to a minor bump or a major collision. 

Well, such a great opportunity comes with a consequence making bumpers the most commonly damaged part of a vehicle, especially in case of a collision with other cars. 

When talking about bumper damage, every situation seems to be different. Some bumper options are costly, so it would be wiser to get it repaired, while some bumpers could be inexpensive, thus making the replacement a better alternative. However, here the choice between repairing and replacing the bumper relies solely on the extent of the damage endured by the bumper. 

Today, vehicles have switched from exposed metallic bumpers to plastic bumper covers that help increase fuel efficiency, improve aerodynamics, enhance pedestrian safety, and reduce weight. These look good but are pretty delicate, and even a minor bump could lead to a big dent or crack the cover, sometimes even pushing them out of the mounting points. These could leave some scratches or dents on the body of the Toyota bumper, removing the auto parts painting layer. 

Dented plastic bumpers can be repaired using dent removal. Though many people consider it impossible to work perfectly, that is not the case. Here heating the plastic bumper to the correct temperature will do the trick. Still, it would be best if you remembered that overheating or under-heating could cause trouble in the dent removal process. 

Once a plastic bumper gets dented, the plastic gets very stressed in the dented area and around the dent. As a result, it's critical to remove all of that tension in order to eliminate the entire dent, which can only be done with the appropriate amount of heat and pressure in the right places. 

When you start focusing heat on the dent, you will also need to cover the dent's 4 to 6 inches area. By doing so, you help relax the plastic releasing the pressure and tension surrounding the dent caused due to the collision’s impact. 

While using a heat gun for the dent removal process, you need to keep the nozzle close to the surface to maintain control over what area gets heated and what doesn't. Be sure to keep the heat gun moving steadily so that it allows the plastic to heat equally without melting the plastic. However, it is pretty tricky to heat the plastic just to the point where it is hot to touch but doesn't sag. You will get to know if the plastic has reached the right temperature when you can touch the plastic bare-handed for only a second. That is when you can reshape the plastic and remove the dent in your car bumper with moderate pressure.


In case your plastic bumper has had a dent and has lost its paint, then you can select our bumper painting service and get your Toyota bumper painted once the dent has been repaired. Our Toyota bumper paint match guarantee ensures you receive a bumper in the car’s exact color.

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