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How long does it take to paint a car bumper?

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A quick repair and replacement of the damaged car part pops up as the primary idea after your car goes through an accident. A collision is undoubtedly a rough patch in the journey that started with you buying a shiny new model. The tragedy might seem a hefty blow on the pockets. You might be having nightmares thinking about where to take your rugged and damaged model for a quick, responsive, and efficient repair. Bumper repair seemingly is way too expensive for those who cannot look for alternative car parts. Contrastingly, the heavy monetary investment is hogwash for those who look for affordable repairs. So, now, repair or replace, that is the game-changing question!

Repair or Replace?

Any shop would abide by a set of processes to give you an estimated time frame for repairing your car for every fix. Repair or replacement, the availability, and the duration to fix the issues are two primary considerations. Detaching the bumper cover from the car is followed by sanding it down for a smoother surface. 

The imperfections on the body have been removed, and now is the time the technicians employ the painting process. Long after the paint has dried and absorbed on the bumper surface, it is actively reinstalled on the car. It takes anywhere from 6 to 8 hours for the painting to completely dry. The painting and the post-painting(drying and curing) part may take the most prolonged hours for the contour to get in shape and shiny again. A final touch-up round and heavy cleaning are given, after which your model is dispatched.

The car is kept for three long days even though the bumper repair and painting part may not stretch longer than a day. You might be wondering why is it so? If the damage has been to the degree that isn’t replaceable through the alternative automotive repair, new pieces will have to be bought. The process mentioned above will then be executed on the newly arrived car bumper. This is the reason why the alternative replacement process is the best bet!

Factors affecting the efficiency of the car bumper repair and paint process

Repairing and painting the car bumper can turn into a gruesome task if you haven’t made the right choices, considering the factors stated below. So keep reading!

1)The quality of craftsmanship you pick

The speed of bumper repairs has everything to do with the work quality you pick. Are the workers expert at their skillsets, are they efficient enough for repairing and then painting, what areas consume them maximum time, where they lagging, etc. These are all such questions you need to think about primarily before picking the shop. The quality of craftsmanship matters the most here!

2)The degree of damage dealt with

The bigger the dent or scratch, the more effort, time, and resources it will take to fix the smear. If the damage is severe, it might take a few days, but it can always be resolved quickly with alternative auto parts availability. Usually, repairing and painting take a day, but the car is kept under observation for three days. 

3)Type of car model

Even the type of car determines the speed of an auto repair. The replacement of the car model depends on the readiness of the ideal replacement auto part availability. If your car’s replacement parts are not readily available, the repairing time increases. The models most used have parts in common, and their availability is more as compared to those that belong to the seldomly seen imported car models. 

Repair or replace-Apply what’s cheaper and more effective

Repairing with an aftermarket car part alternative is always a go-to option if the bumper dent is not significant. If the damage is significant and the dent is considerable, replacing it with it would be better but more time-consuming. Although, restoring the bumper contour is always an option open. Repair or replace, choose what suits your model, budget and resources more.

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