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Top Essential Winter Car Maitenance Tips

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Many of us love winters. The fresh snow, skiing, snowboarding, woodfire, and so on. Along with this also comes a major issue- winter car maintenance! Car owners can relate to this, right?

Car Maintenance

In places like Canada, when the mercury plummets, car owners’ worry for automotive parts begins. The maintenance of car parts in Canada is a bit tricky. But, not to worry. We got you covered. 

Read on to know tips for maintaining your car during this season.


This is a must, so you don’t get stranded anywhere with a dead battery. Cold temperatures reduce its cranking power. An engine requires more power to start in winters and the dip in temperature makes it harder for your battery to supply power.

Car Battery

For a conventional battery, open the cap on top and check the fluid level. If you see it is less or almost over, fill distilled water.

For maintenance-free batteries, you can see on top of the batteries. An indication will be provided. If it is fully charged, you are good to go. Else, get it charged by a professional.

The average battery life is in the 3 to 5 years range. But, it is optimal to change every 2 to 3 years. Car parts in Canada, like batteries, need to be checked from time to time in winters.


Wiper blades (the most neglected automotive part when it comes to maintenance) ensure that you have a clear view of your roads. During winters, the work of wiper blades increases because it has to constantly wipe away the snow and ice. 

This is another crucial step of winter car maintenance!

Wiper Blader

Instead of keeping your wiper blades closed, keep them upwards. This makes sure the snow doesn’t build up on the blades. Please note that this may always work but it does work sometimes. So, it is worth trying. Anything to keep off the snow, right?

Turn off your wipers before you turn off your engines. This way when you start your car, the blades don’t start immediately, which may cause wear-and-tear or even get stuck to the windshield.

Another sure-shot way is to cover them up with socks. This will definitely keep your blades off of snow.


There are cars that have climate control built into their cars to prevent condensation on the windscreen. There are cars that do not have this option. Not to worry. Follow these tips to keep your car windows clean:

Use the heater correctly- The first thing we do when we get inside the car during winters is to turn up the heater. We also think turning on the heater to the maximum, clears off the snow. Unfortunately, this is not the most efficient way! Initially, turn on the cooler setting and turn it up bit by bit. Apart from clearing the windscreen fog, it also helps in reducing the moisture in the air, stopping it from fogging again.

Car Window Cleaning Wiper

Use the air-con- Air-con works in such a way that it removes moisture from the air. You will not have to worry about the windows fogging up while you are driving.

Wind down the windows: No air-con? No worries! Just winding down the windows also removes the moisture in the air inside your car. Wipe it off: The easiest and guaranteed solution! Condensation can be wiped away from the inside. Do not use any other type of cloth except microfiber.

If you use any other material, you will create a smudge on the windscreen. Microfiber cloths are affordable and easy to find in any supermarket.

Car dehumidifier- Car dehumidifiers are affordable and there are plenty of options available. Dehumidifiers absorb the moisture before it settles on your windscreen.

If you have an option to park in a garage, make use of it. It is the best way to stop condensation. The car also remains warm therefore, the engine turns on quickly.


This could be termed as the most basic necessity to keep your vehicle from breaking down. Oil changing should be done just before the season commences. Motor oil thickens during cold weather.

Car Oil

Once your car is warmed up, you should check for oil levels. If you need oil replacement do it right when you notice. Do not forget to replace the oil filter while you are at it.

Any other changes like the burning smell in your car, oil turning black, is an indication you should entirely change the oil.


Just before the onset of winter, if you haven't changed tyres in a long time, it is best advised if you do it immediately to avoid any accidents.

Tyres that are particularly made for thick winters are available. They are a must-buy. They have tread patterns and rubber components that are specially designed to grip the snow. Winter tyres have shorter tread life and create more noise on the road. But, this is worth it because safety comes first!

It is advisable to change all the 4 tyres at once.

Car Tyre in Winter

Be sure to check the air pressure of the tyres. In winters, tyres lose air. Make sure to keep them properly inflated. Last but not the least, keep an emergency roadside kit in the car. Hope you found this helpful. Stay safe!

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