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CV Axle Driver Side Oldsmobile Silhouette 1998-2004 , NCV10235

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  • $84.00 CAD

    Part Number: Ncv10235
  • Oldsmobile Silhouette C V Axle Driver Side 1998-2004, Oldsmobile, Silhouette,Oldsmobile-Silhouette-1998, Oldsmobile-Silhouette-1999, Oldsmobile-Silhouette-2000, Oldsmobile-Silhouette-2001, Oldsmobile-Silhouette-2002, Oldsmobile-Silhouette-2003, Oldsmobile-Silhouette-2004
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  • The CV Axle keeps your vehicle's wheels connected to the transmission and differential, transferring power to move your car forward. Its constant velocity (CV) joints allow for efficient torque shifting at a controlled speed that helps ensure smooth, optimal performance of your suspension system

  • Product Fit: Oldsmobile Silhouette 1998, Oldsmobile Silhouette 1999, Oldsmobile Silhouette 2000, Oldsmobile Silhouette 2001, Oldsmobile Silhouette 2002, Oldsmobile Silhouette 2003, Oldsmobile Silhouette 2004,

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