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6 Major Signs That Your Car Needs an Engine Oil Change or Maintenance

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Oil is the life for your vehicle to run smoothly. Since engines are exposed to different temperatures, it gradually results in wear and tear. The role of engine oil is to make sure the engines are lubricated well enough to run the vehicles smoothly. It reduces fuel emission and improves engine performance.

With the vehicle’s usage and with the passage of time the engine oil will need to be changed. This depends on the car model and how many miles the car has traveled. It is usually recommended to change between 3000-5000 miles. This is a general recommendation but it is always best to refer to your car manual.

Car Oil Changing

This doesn’t seem like an important thing to be checked often but is the most crucial automobile check that one should not ignore.

Why do you need to change the engine oil anyway and what happens if you don’t change your oil?

If you change the engine oil regularly as recommended in your car manual, your car will have proper lubrication which in turn reduces the amount of heat produced by the engines.

Car Mechanic

When you don’t change the oil for a long time, the oil gets accumulated with dirt and debris which makes your engine runs slower.

Therefore, if the engine oil is not changed regularly, the engine heats up, wears down, and eventually stops working. Now you must be thinking “how do I know that I’m supposed to change the engine oil?” and “when to change oil?”.

We have done some research for you and gathered information about the signs that your car gives for a car oil change.

Let’s find out what they are!

1- Oil replacement dashboard light in on

Car Speed Meter

Modern-day vehicles have warning lights on the dashboards. It is easier to know what’s wrong and get it fixed immediately than wonder what might be the issue.

Some cars keep track of the oil changes and the warning light illuminates.
When light illuminates, you need to turn off our engine and get the oil replaced. Do not turn on the engine before you get the oil replaced.

2. Increased Engine Noise

frustrated car driver

When your engine runs out of oil, it fails to lubricate the moving parts. This causes excess friction. You might start noticing louder noises when your engine runs out of oil. Wondering what kind of noise that might be? It sounds like a ticking noise usually. But any sound that’s not heard generally is a warning that you should get it checked.

3. Dropping Oil Level

Changing oil frequently? That’s not a good sign either. It could possibly mean that your engine oil is old and has lost the capacity to lubricate which makes the engine use more oil to make it up. When you notice this, it is time that you change the oil.

If you continue to notice this, then it is time you get it checked by a mechanic. It could sometimes mean an oil leak.

4. The Oil Has Turned Black

Car Bonnet

When you open your bonnet and locate the dipstick, you will be able to see the engine oil on your dipstick. If the oil is clear with a light brown tint, you are good to go. But if the oil has turned black, you know it is time to replace it.

While you are at this, you can also check for oil levels. It needs to be above the minimum and below the maximum level indicator.

5. Excess Vehicle Exhaust

Car Exhaust Smoke

If your vehicle is in good condition you will see no smoke coming out of the tailpipes. But if you notice visible smoke coming out of it, it is an indication that your engine oil is too old and is not functioning well. Sometimes it could also mean other things like cracked gaskets. Therefore, it is better to get it checked soon after you notice it.

6. Shaking While Idling

Car Shaking while driving

All of us have experienced shaking and vibrations sometimes while driving. But have you ever wondered why? 

This is a clear indication that oil needs to be changed. Otherwise, it can affect the quality of your ride. When you notice these vibrations, you must avoid idling and get your car checked by a mechanic soon.

You now know what signs indicate an oil change immediately, if you find one or more above-mentioned signs it is time you take your car to a mechanic and change the oil at the earliest. Also, make sure to ask them when you need to schedule the next one so you never have to experience these signs again!

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